Our History

SUNBELT ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, headquartered in Springfield, MO, proudly serves areas in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas & Oklahoma. Additionally, Sunbelt Environmental Services is proud to provide environmental services and perform environmental consulting on a national level.

Sunbelt Environmental Services began as a branch office of Sunbelt Industrial Services, which was headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The Springfield branch opened in 1986, operated by Leroy Schaefer. The Missouri Corporation of Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. was created in 1993 under the ownership of Leroy Schaefer and Tom Underwood. In 2013, the company was purchased in full by Leroy and Karen Schaefer.

Sunbelt Environmental Services owes its success to our staff of environmental professionals, who continue to be the cornerstone of ongoing growth and longevity.


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