Solar is becoming more common among business, whether it’s for the long-term cost savings, reducing environmental impact, or both! Sunbelt Environmental’s solar division is skilled in bringing this renewable energy source to businesses so they can reap the many benefits of solar power.

1. Tax Credits with Solar Power

The federal tax credit is a major benefit a business can see from making the switch to solar energy. When you purchase a solar power system, your business is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and can deduct 85% of the value of the solar power system from taxes. Not only are there these tax benefits, but you could also receive rebates from your utility company that covers part of the solar power system cost.

2. Consistent Energy Bill

Solar energy allows you to lock in your energy bill cost, so you can avoid fluctuating energy costs. After a few months of using your solar power, you’ll be able to budget accurately each month without the worry of uncertainty of traditional electric bills.

3. Save Money with Solar Energy

Reducing your business’ monthly energy bill is one of the biggest perks of going solar. EnergySage marketplace data reveals that the average commercial property owner’s electricity bill drops 75 percent — from $1,950 to $500 — after switching to solar.

4. Increased Property Value

If you decide to sell your commercial property after you’ve invested in a solar power system, it might have a bigger price tag! Another plus side to solar is that, unlike many other home improvements, this will not increase your property taxes.

5. Support your Local Economy

Since solar jobs aren’t typically outsourced, when you purchase a solar power system, you’re supporting workers here in the area. As a result, you’re supporting your local economy.

If you’re interested in transitioning your business to a solar power system, call Sunbelt Environmental! We’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have.