Sunbelt Environmental Services serves areas in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Read more about Sunbelt Environmental’s history here.

Sunbelt Environmental Services, headquartered in Springfield, MO, proudly serves a large swath of the Midwest. Our environmental service area includes areas of Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.


Additionally, Sunbelt Environmental Services is proud to provide environmental consulting on a national level. We firmly believe that environmentally safe, sustainable, and viable options make the best options. You can still save money, increase profits, and run a successful business with environmentally friendly practices. To learn how to best do this, you can employ our team of consultants to help make your processes more environmentally friendly.

Our Humble Beginnings

Sunbelt Environmental Services began as a branch of Sunbelt Industrial Services, which was headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The Springfield branch opened in 1986. Leroy Schaefer operated this small branch until 1993 when he joined Tom Underwood in a new direction. They create the Missouri Corporation of Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc. In 2013, Leroy and Karen Schaefer purchased the company in full.


Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc., owes its success to its employees, including Vice President Larry Smalley, who has been with the company since 1987. The staff of professional environmental engineers continues to be the cornerstone of Sunbelt’s ongoing success and growth.

What We Offer Now

We offer a huge range of environmental services. If you need your solar energy needs met, radon level testing, mold removal services, asbestos and property remediation, environmental drilling, emergency spill response, hazardous waste disposal, or any other environmentally conscious construction service, then you can come to us. Our record speaks for itself. The state of Missouri has contracted us to provide hazardous substance cleanup and disposal for a third consecutive 5-year term. We also offer environmental consulting services.


Our experienced team of environmental engineers can help you meet new EPA regulations or stay ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental safety. Solar energy and other new environmentally sustainable options are becoming increasingly important to the younger population, and these environmentally friendly options also save your company money and increase your property value.

Why Should You Choose Sunbelt Environmental?


At Sunbelt Environmental Services, we have decades of experience dealing with hazardous disposal, solar energy construction, and environmental consulting. We have performed projects in many different industries, and we have consulted corporations and formed partnerships with state governments by providing state sponsored hazardous waste disposal services. If you need help with environmental services, contact Sunbelt Environmental today.